Visual Studio 2019 New Features. What’s new this time?

Visual Studio, one of the foremost IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for software development has announced the official production launch of Visual Studio 2019 on April 2, 2019.

Microsoft has released a first public preview of Visual Studio 2019 in December 2018.

With the new release of Visual Studio, developers are curious to know and play around with it’s new features.Visual Studio 2019 includes many improvements along with the new features that optimize the productivity of developers and team collaboration.

Quick navigation for Visual Studio 2019 New Features.

  1. Quick Access Start Window
  2. Create New Project with an Improved Search Experience
  3. Real-time Collaborative Development
  4. Better Productivity with Improved Search Features
  5. Code Cleanup
  6. Take Control on loading Solution using Solution Filter Files

How to download the Visual Studio 2019?

Microsoft has released the RC of Visual Studio 2019 and you can download the VS 2019 RC  from the Visual Studio official website.

What’s new is Visual Studio 2019?

Visual Studio is improving itself along with its every new release. The new version of Visual Studio certainly has some thing new to present. In this article, I am going to list out few of the new features that we can use after this new release.

1. Quick Access Start Window

Visual Studio 2019 new features

The start window has the feature to quickly access the recently opened projects, folders or file. Or, you can pin anything that you open frequently. Create a new project menu is even more quickly accessible as you can see the menu on right side along with other options like clone or check out.

2.  Create New Project with an Improved Search Experience

Visual Studio 2019 new features

The design of the Create a new project window has also changed where you can search for the popular template, select one and then create the new project.

The design of other subsequent window are also different but the features of initial setup are almost same with the previous version.

3. Real-Time Collaborative Development

Visual Studio 2019 new features

The top right corner of the IDE has the Live Share button which helps you to get started with real-time collaboration with other developers. You can use that session URL as shown on the image above. This service is installed by default with Visual Studio 2019.

But you must be logged in with your Visual Studio Account (Microsoft Account) to utilize this service.

4. Better Productivity with Improved Search Features

Visual Studio 2019 new features

This feature is dedicated to boost the productivity of developers. The improved search feature is capable to search for Menus, Components, Templates etc.

For example, if you like to add a new class file you can press Ctrl+Q and type class then hit enter, It will open the Add New Item window. Similarly you can search for almost everything within Visual Studio.

5. Code Cleanup

VS 2019 has the feature to clean the unnecessary code using one-click code cleanup feature. It has predefined fixers and  you can configure the code clean up by including the fixers that you need.

Hit Ctrl+K, Ctrl+Q to open the Configure Code Cleanup window.

6. Take control on loading Solution using Solution Filter Files

While switching the branch, it’s really time consuming as Visual Studio has to load all the individual projects one by one.

Visual Studio 2019 has the option to create a solution filter file by unloading the projects that you don’t want opened automatically.

Visual Studio 2019 new features

This will create a new file with .slnf extension. Next time you can choose how you want to load the solution by choosing .slnf (solution filter file) or  .sln (solution file).

There are lots of other features and improvement introduced in Visual Studio 2019. You can get the detail overview on Visual Studio 2019 Release Notes.

Let’s enjoy the latest stuff in town.

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