Development Environment Setup for C#

The C# code executes on Server Side which is useful for creating different kind of applications like Console, Windows form, Web etc. TheĀ Development Environment Setup for C# is the first step to start with C# programming.

Microsoft is improving C# with its every new release and its latest version is C# 7.3 by the time of writing this article.

There are few things you have to be familiar for the better understanding of behind the scene.

The .NET Framework

The .Net Framework is the software development framework developed by Microsoft. Almost every software based on windows platform require a .Net Framework run time to work as expected.

.Net Framework has evolved as the best of its best with different version of its release.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

This is the basically an editor that provides a platform to develop an application. Visual Studio is the perfect IDE for C-sharp development environment setup because it provide many features like source code editor, debugging functionality and many default templates for different kind of applications.

Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2019 on April 2, 2019 with many new features. You can download the latest version of Visual Studio from the official website of Microsoft. The Community version is for educational purpose and its free.

The initial screen of Visual Studio 2019 looks like this.

c-sharp development environment setup

Among different type of applications, the best way to learn the basics of C# is starting with console application.

c-sharp development environment setup

On the templates listing, thereĀ  are two templates available for C# console application. The Key differences between them is, One is Cross-Platform .Net Core application and the another is .Net Framework based console application.

The C# code and its syntax is same on either of the template. So, lets start with Console Application (.Net Core).

On the subsequent window, give a project name and the physical path to save the project file then, hit create.

c-sharp development environment setup

The console application has very basic file structure as shown on the Solution Explorer section. The Dependencies section holds the framework related stuffs which helps this application while running.

The useful file here is program.cs and Main() function is the starting of the application.

Hit F5 and you will see the “Hello World” on the DOS screen.

This is the basic on C-Sharp development environment setup which helps you to start your first “Hello World” application.


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