How to bind CSS Class to HTML element using Angular?

In this tutorial, We are going to see how to bind CSS class using angular. Moreover, we will toggle the CSS class based on the condition.

When it comes to data-binding in angular, there are different approach like property binding, interpolation, event binding etc.

We are going to use property binding approach to bind CSS class to HTML DOM element using Angular.

As we know, we have className property available on DOM element.
So lets see how to bind the className property using angular.

Simple huh? The example above is very straight forward.

Let’s say we want to change the class name of DOM element based on the condition. Not a big deal, we can apply the condition as well. So lets see how to bind CSS class using angular based on condition.

In this example, the ‘red’ is added as class name when the ‘class_one’ returns true. If that condition is false, the class name will be ‘blue’.

Now you have the much more control over your class name property.

Hope this helps you.

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