7 Tech Skills you can Learn to be a Web Developer

The most frustrating time for a software engineer is when you get overwhelmed by technology stacks and unable to decide the right choice for your career. I have had this problem when I started programming back in 2013. So, this post is for every newbie, who have just choose to make their career in web development.

Technology is skyrocketing day by day and it has also changed our lives in many ways. The concept of the web-based application has come later after the arrival of the internet and ruling the technology since then.
There are lots of technology out there and if you are planning to pursue your career as a web developer, learning the right skill sets is always important.

Technology is not stable and will never be. Trust me, Every web developer has the story of starting a career with one trend and learning many things on the way along. However, there are some skills set you must know in order to start your career as the web developer.

Here are the seven tech skills you must learn before starting your career as the web developer.


HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) is the building block of any web page. Learning HTML is really easy and interesting too. Both designer and developer must learn this skill as an initial step of career. w3schools.com is the best place to learn HTML.

2. CSS

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is also one of an integral part of the modern web development process. CSS works with HTML and improve the presentation of any web page. Customization of any web page through CSS is way easier than plain HTML. Learning CSS is simple and interesting like HTML.

3. JavaScript

JavaScript, often abbreviated as JS is a high level interpreted programming language. Most of the newbie programmer confuse on the term JavaScript and Java. They are completely different from one another. JavaScript is used to add client site behavior to the HTML page.

For.Eg. A simple button on the webpage can be created using HTML, coloring that button can be done by CSS and perform any action after clicking that button can be done by JavaScript.

Many Javascript based frameworks like AngularJs, ReactJs, EmberJs, Vue.js etc, have come in existence nowadays. The core of all these frameworks is based on JavaScript. So, learning javascript is definitely a good decision for the web developer.

4. One Programming Skill (Backend)

The backend of any web application is responsible for interacting with the database. The code written in the backend part runs on the server. The main business logic of an application does exist at backend using any of the backend programming languages like c#, Java, Python etc.

There are many backend programming languages in existence and many are still on the way of development. You can learn any one of them based on the technology trend and Job Scope.

If you are familiar with Microsoft technology, learning C# is unopposed. Visual Basic was in hype quite before. Some other programming languages besides Microsoft technology include Java, PHP, Swift, Python etc. Learning all of them is never possible and definitely not a good decision. You can learn any one of them and master that. Learning application building architecture along with programming language is also important.

5. Database Skill

The database is where the application stores its data. Being a web developer, having database skill is important. The database part is huge and there is separate career also based on data and database.

Connect your application with database, securing data on the database and querying data from the database are the basic skills you can learn. There are many databases like MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB etc. Learning one of them at the beginning is a good choice.

6. Source control/Version control

Source control sometimes is also known as Version control is the tool used for the management of your code.  This tool comes handy when you are working in a team.

In any software development business, the software codes are the most important assets. While using Source control, the one copy of the project will be stored in the server and every developer after changing something on the code will push it to the server. Technically, you are using the same copy of a project from the server.

GitHub is the company, that provides you the repository hosting service for free of cost for public repository. For learning purpose, you can create your account on GitHub and learn these stuff with the public repository.

7. Debugging Skill

Coding and Debugging can not go separately in the world of Web Development. In simple word, Debugging means identifying and removing errors from the software code.

If you are working on Visual Studio (especially with C#), this IDE has made it very simple to debug every line of code. You can put breakpoints of the code and check the result in runtime.

Moreover, the output that you see on the web page has its code behind and you can go behind the scene with a web inspector. This is the tool that lets you see all the code that web page is built with. You can right click on the web page and select Inspect option to navigate to the code behind.

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