7 Must have Qualities of Good Programmer

Technology these days is changing rapidly in such a way that nobody can control it. Tech world is one of the most competitive these days.

If you are among those who have either year of experience in software development or have recently joined the world of professional software development, you must consider some really important things that can really help to boom your career in this field.

If you are the newbie your first developer job is going to teach you the way beyond you have learned at your colleges. Just knowing only programming skills doesn’t take you far in this field. Today I am going to discuss the must-have skills of every good programmer.

1. Time management

Programming jobs are not easy in any way but it can be fun if you love it. Staying late at the office, no time for friends and family, working even on holidays, no time for personal care most of the people describe programmer in this way. But it is you, how you want to keep working. Programmer’s life can be way better than you think if you can manage your time effectively.  Ruining hours and hours surfing social Media and frustrating on your task at the last hour of your day is really not the habit of a good programmer. So better manage your time for everything you want.

2. Love what you do

Of course, loving your job is the key point to consider. If you are not happy with your job better change it. Me being a software developer, I really love to spend my whole day in front of my laptop. It may not be easy for you at first but you can make it fun anyway.

3. Upgrade yourself

As I mentioned earlier technology is growing rapidly day by day. It can leave you far behind within a year if you can’t walk with it. Nobody can master every programming language that comes into existence but you must have to be familiar with all the technologies available in the market. Discuss technologies within your friend circle, attend tech events, and never miss a chance to give a presentation. These things seem small but can really help to upgrade you.

4. Develop debugging skill

Programming is for smart people. You have to be smart enough to be countable in your circle. Debugging skill is one of the must-have skills of every good programmer. Tons of issues arise in your code and they can be solved with your little effort if you can develop really good debugging skill. Like a doctor can’t cure a patient until he diagnoses a disease, the programmer can’t fix bugs until and unless he finds out the real reason of bug.

5. Don’t hesitate to ask

There is the quote popular among programmers, “If you have a problem, make it loud”. Sometimes even a small bug ruin our hours so, you have to share your problem with your circle. But, it is not good to ask every time without using your own logic at first.

6. Think twice, code once

You might have heard about this before. Don’t rush on typing code without analyzing the whole scenario. Most of the programmers make this mistake and ruin their hours at last. Sometimes the requirement seems huge but can be fixed with your small logic. A really good programmer writes few lines of code in the very effective way. Always have a pen and copy within your access, when it seems something confusing tries to make logic on paper first. It really works most of the time.

7. Ability to plan

A good plan always leads you towards success. Plan your every work and follow them accordingly. Before leaving for office summarize your previous day work and plan for your new day. Before finishing your current task plan for the next step previously which will also increase your efficiency. Without planning and organizing yourself, you’ll reach nowhere.

Please let us know, What do you think about this guide and don’t forget to share it with your friends if it really helps you.

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